• How do I go through a corn maze? The Music Maze is uniquely designed with color coded paths which coordinate with the maze map given to you. Hidden within the maze are information boards,  with etchings and information about music! Collect them all and you’re a winner!
      • How long will it take to go through The Music Maze?Anyone can enjoy the corn maze for a long or a short time. Some guests like to find every etching plate and may stay in the maze an hour or more. Others may enjoy a fall stroll and come out in 30 minutes. For those who do NOT want to get lost, there is a Red Line Path you may follow from the entrance to the exit.
      • What if I get lost?

Getting lost for a few minutes is likely, but we have a few safeguards to prevent you from getting really lost. First, the map is really accurate, and helpful in navigating your way from section to section in order to find all of the etching plates and get from entrance to exit. Also, the Red Line Path is for guests who simply do not wish to get lost. On the Red Line, you will not find all of the clues, but you will get to walk through the maze without worry. Our Corn Maze Crew is constantly roaming the maze, ready to assist as well.

  • Do  I need a reservation?

If your group size is 25 people or more, it’s helpful if you send an email to, or click the group reservation tab. If you would like to enjoy a camp fire and s’more kit, you’ll need a reservation. No reservations are needed for smaller groups coming to the maze.

  • Can I bring my dog to the maze?

No place happier in the world than a farm with a dog. Your well-behaved pooch is welcome, providing that you bring clean up supplies.

  • What attractions close at dusk?

Our wagon ride cannot safely run after dark. Also, state law requires that bounce houses do not run after dark. We can keep them open until about 6p.m.

  • Who can bounce in the bounce house?

The square bounce house is for kids 5 and under. The 60-foot obstacle course bounce house is for kids and adults, ages 5 and up.

  • What is the size limit on the Barrel Train?

Kids 80 pounds and less can ride the barrel train.